The Devoted Artisan Butter Story

Devoted Artisan Butter was established in 2019 by the Aubault family. We had the privilege to continue this Journey from 2020.

We have a passion for producing small batch high quality butter. By utilising traditional techniques which transform the texture and taste of the butter and by partnering with local farmers in WA to bring the freshest and tastiest ingredients. You will get to experience butter like never before. We have an extensive range of flavoured butters, deliciously creamy plain and salted butters, and butter milk. All perfect for cooking and baking, and just as great served with beautiful, fresh bread.

You can buy it online or find us at the local farmers market or several stockists.

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Our Butters

Lemon Myrtle Butter 150g $13.50


Sweet or savoury butter with native lemon myrtle & WA cream

Garlic + Parsley Butter $13.50


A classic butter using WA cream and local garlic & parsley

Lightly Salted Butter 225g $10.99


A tasty salted butter made from local desert salt & WA Cream