A passionate collaboration

It started as an idea to celebrate Bread + Butter

Collaborating with Bread Bros who specialises in slow fermented Sourdough, using only the freshest WA ingredients and pairing it with hand crafted Artisan Butter.

Featured Items

Slow Fermented Plain Sourdough $9.00


A slow fermented plain sourdough made from sustainable Australian flour

Garlic + Parsley Butter $13.50


A classic butter using WA cream and local garlic & parsley

Olive Butter 150g $12.50


A subtle flavoured butter using local green olives & WA cream

Truffle Butter $16.00


An indulgent butter using locally sourced truffles & WA Cream

Ordering & Delivery

Start with a basic bread + butter order or add a different bread or butter.

Order by Monday 5PM

All sourdough breads are fermented for 48 hours

Butters made fresh every week

Delivery to your home Friday

Delivery areas: Within 30km of Kwinana.

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